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Portugal: Setúbal, youth catechesis. “Get off the couch… and build yourself”

The Youth Pastoral service of Setúbal promoted “a catechetical course about the meaning of the Christian family”, asking the young people of the diocese to attend it, by telling them: “Get off the couch… and build yourself”. “We want to raise awareness of the principles and values of the Church about the setting up of a family, by warning young people about the dangers of a society like today’s, where such ideals are defaced and personal conscience is deformed”, states the release sent to the press to present the initiative: “We want to talk to young people about issues that are usually meant for older people, so that they can already educate and build themselves as people, and to prevent such issues from occurring in their lives too late, when they already suffer from some emotional or sexual disorder”, the notice ends. The monthly course held by the diocesan pastoral service will start on January 13th with the first catechesis: “Theology of the body”. It will go on, on February 10th with the second one: “Love, affectivity and sexuality”; on April 21st, with the third one: “The value of life and ethical issues”; and on May 26th, with the fourth one: “Gender ideology”. Lastly, on June 23rd, with the fifth one, called “Family portraits”.

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