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US-Mexico wall: card. Turkson (Holy See), “Hopefully, no other country will follow Trump’s example”

The Holy See is worried at the “message that is given to the world” by the wall that is being built between the USA and Mexico, which US president Donald Trump wanted to pull up to curb migration. And it hopes no other country, not even in Europe, will follow his example”. This was said today to SIR by cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Ministry for the promotion of integral human development, during a meeting about the “Laudato sì and Catholic investments” that is taking place at Pontificia Università Lateranense. “We hope the wall will not be built, but, when Trump is involved, it probably will – he stated. The Holy See is worried, because this is not only about Mexico, this is a message that is given to the world. It is not only the USA that want to build walls against migrants, it happens in Europe too. I hope they will not follow his example. A president may well build a wall but the next president might come and pull it down”.

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