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Pope Francis: to El Pais, rescue, receive and integrate migrants. No to “chauvinism in skirts”

“The fact that the Mediterranean has become a graveyard is food for thought”. Pope Francis reaffirmed this view in an interview with the Spanish Daily “El Pais”, in which he expressed his gratitude to Italy for continuing to welcome migrants, despite all the problems caused by the earthquake. First of all – Pope Francis said –, we must rescue them, and then we need to “receive and integrate” them. Every country – he pointed out – has the right to control its borders, but “no country has the right to deprive its citizens of the opportunity to talk with their neighbors”. The interview also makes reference to the issue of women, the tragedy of their sexual exploitation and enslavement. “The Church is female”, Pope Francis recalled, renewing his appeal to promote the role of women in the Church. As he explained, we should not look at this from a “functional point of view”, lest we create some sort of “chauvinism in skirts”. Rather, we should work harder so that women may “give the Church the freshness of their being and their thinking”.

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