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Iceland: a new church, all made of wood. Number of Catholics rising on the island

On 17th June, a new church all made of wood will be consecrated at Reyðarfirði, Eastern Iceland. The announcement was made by the Icelandic Catholic Church, on its Facebook profile. The building was commissioned by the Slovakian Capuchin community, that has been on the island since 2004 when the current bishop of Reykjavik, mgr. David Tencer, was the first friar to arrive. Today there are three friars in the community. The new church is shaped like a San Damiano Franciscan cross, is 16 metres long, and 12 metres at its widest point. It took one thousand cube metres of wood, straight from the region of Poľany, Slovakia, to build it. The building was erected by Slovakian volunteers, as well as local builders. Bonifatiuswerk, the association of German Catholics in support of the Catholic diaspora in the Nordic countries, paid the shipment of the wood. Because of its location and appearance, the church has already become a local attraction. In the last ten years, the Icelandic Catholic community has seen the number of devotees grow threefold, so now they are approximately 14 thousand in the 6 parishes. Also on Facebook, the Icelandic Catholic Church informs that they are raising funds to build another new church at Selfoss, in the South, based on a project of the emeritus bishop Pierre Bürcher: Catholics, who so far had been hosted by the local Protestant community will now have their own Church.


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