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Ukraine: Ucu, record number of new students in bachelor´s programs

(Bratislava) – “We have not yet analyzed in detail the general profile of this year’s new students, but it is already clear to the naked eye that the average grade will be high”, writes Fr. Bohdan Prach, rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU), in his address on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year, expressing his high expectations. The University welcomes 275 new students in its bachelor’s programs this year – a record number in the institution’s history. “I hope that you will not slow down, or spare any effort in your spiritual, intellectual and professional growth, or be afraid to ‘break a sweat’ to come to know God, the human person, and the world”. The rector then goes on to stress that the fundamental question in life is interpersonal relations — love of God and neighbor: “We constantly work on the development of the person as a human being and we will continue to do this. We have in mind the fundamental truths of life which for us flow from the Gospel – that human dignity is given and determined by God. Even people who are not Christians can understand these truths. We expect that you, as new students, are ready to take on this baton to create the unrepeatable, authentic atmosphere of the Ukrainian Catholic University”.

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