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Council of Europe: Seminar in Strasburg, “Internet, false dilemma between security and freedom”

(Strasburg) Internet freedom is “a constant factor of democratic security in Europe”. That is the point of today’s seminar in Strasburg promoted by the Council of Europe. “In the last few years, Internet freedom has become an important foreign policy priority in many European or non-European countries”, says the presentation. “For a long time, the civil society has been requiring protection of human rights to be granted in both the physical world and online. However, public debate has still to face the problem of web access restrictions, censorship, and other restrictions to freedom of expression, as well as massive privacy violations relating to surveillance programmes of intelligence services”. In public policies, and in the actions of member States, the “security crises” affecting Europe as well as the international community often cause the false dilemma between security and freedom”. Web and media experts, politicians and journalists are facing those themes. Further information:

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