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Migration: a meeting in Madrid, “the real challenge of social inclusion must be built on education”

In its approach to the social inclusion of migrants, the Church “tries to promote efforts that reflect both the needs of immigrants, in their human entirety and dignity, and those of the receiving community”. This is written in the notice issued by Ccee to tell about the meeting that took place in Madrid on 26th and 27th September about the acceptance and social inclusion of migrants and the role of the Christian community. “Walls, before they are physical, are walls that are raised in men’s hearts”, they said in Madrid. “Ignorance and fear are in fact the first obstacles to be overcome”. “People must be able to understand what it means to be a refugees, what it means having one’s life held in just one rucksack. It is clear then that the real challenge of social inclusion must be built on the education of the whole of society”. “So, people need to be taught to talk to and accept other people”. In the parish church of “Our Lady of Silence” in Madrid, the participants celebrated the Eucharist, livened up by an African choir and officiated by the city’s archbishop, mgr. Carlos Osoro Sierra. The conference ended with a meeting with the president of the Spanish Bishops Conference, cardinal Ricardo Blázquez Pérez, and a meeting in Toledo – a city that is particularly busy working in migrants – with the local archbishop, mgr. Braulio Rodríguez Plaza.

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