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Netherlands: diocese of Amsterdam, Day of acceptance into faith. “Do you want to become a Catholic?”

“Do you want to become a Catholic? You’ll be welcome, on Saturday 15th October”. This has been written by the diocese of Amsterdam, which is organising a day for people who are getting ready to be accepted into the Catholic Church, people who have just recently joined it, or people who have been there for a long time but are attracted by the topic. At the Shrine of Our Lady of Salvation in Heiloo, during the day “there’ll be plenty of time to share and socialise”, the organisers explain, and “Roy Peters will tell his experience of conversion”, that was followed by his joining the Catholic Church in 2014. His story, told a few months ago by the broadcaster Kro-Ncrv, has become famous: with a past full of addictions, to drinking, gambling and prostitution, and five years spent in jail for masterminding a sensational theft at Van Gogh Museum, due to a bizarre coincidence, his admission ceremony, in the Church of Peace in Amsterdam, took place along with that of Fred Leemans, director of the museum at the time of the theft, also a converted man. Mgr. Jan Hendricks, auxiliary bishop of Amsterdam, will give an “introduction to faith in everyday life”, followed by a debate, and will officiate the Eucharist. People who want to take their children along will have a separate programme, and, “if a partner needs to talk to a priest, there will be some around”, the diocese explains.

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