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Slovakia: new Cyrillo-Methodian route to be built in Nitra region

(Bratislava) A new “Cyrillo-Methodian route” commemorating the heritage of St. Cyril and Methodius in the region of the ancient diocese of Nitra will be built by 2020. The project will take place with the cross-border collaboration of several Slovak and Czech regions. “There will be several points with information panels and appropriate structures where the pilgrims will be able to stop and find out interesting facts about the history, life and mission of St. Cyril and Methodius, and admire precious monuments dating to the first millennium like the Rotunda of St. George, or Nitra as a famous historical center of the Nitra principality”, explain the initiators of the project. The original idea to prepare the route for walking has been transformed into a project for cyclists. The first part should be financed from EU funds, but the municipality of Nitra plans to continue its construction from its own resources with an annual investment of around €60,000. “We plan to finish a complete Cyrillo-Methodian route running from the northern border of our region to Komarno, in the southern part of our country, to include all significant monuments and sites”, explains Milos Baca from the Department of Education and Culture. “Pilgrims have always believed that pilgrimage places are sites of mercy, where we can touch God and be touched by Him, crossroads, where God’s ways meet our ways. Let us experience this spiritual enrichment”, writes Msgr. Viliam Judak, bishop of Nitra, inviting the faithful to become pilgrims and discover the beauty of history and faith.

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