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Portugal: Lisbon, pastoral year focussed on diocesan Synod. “Missionary dynamism has no borders”

To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Patriarchate, the cardinal patriarch of Lisbon presented the programme for the pastoral year 2016-2017, the highlight of which will be the diocesan Synod (30 November-4 December 2016). In the document with the calendar of the celebrations, mgr. Clemente points out that “missionary dynamism wants no frontiers” and says that “over one hundred different nationalities and culture currently live together in Lisbon, some of which have not been reached by the Gospel yet or have forgotten its message”. Actually, the document mentions the 300th anniversary of the “Patriarchal” qualification of the Church of Lisbon (Pope Clemens XI, 7 November 1716), in formal recognition of the efforts to “propagate faith” that led to evangelise many African and Asian regions. The preparations for the Synod began in 2014, with the involvement of groups of reflection, prayer and study based on Pope Francis’s Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii gaudium”. The advisory meeting of the Synod Assembly, that will take place in the diocesan centre for spirituality “Coração de Maria” in Turcifal (Torres Vedras), will bring together the auxiliary bishops, the vicars general, the canons of the cathedral, the members of the presbyter council, the lay appointed by the diocesan pastoral council, the vicars, the superiors of the religious orders and societies of apostolic life, and the permanent deacons.

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