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Portugal: national meeting in Fatima, “Liturgy: highlight and source of mercy”

From today to July 29th, Fatima will be hosting the 42nd national meeting of liturgical pastoral services, called ““Liturgy: highlight and source of mercy”. In an online post, the president of the Bishops commission for liturgy and spirituality, mgr. José Cordeiro, wishes the meeting may be attended by all the people who would like “to get more and more involved in a proactive, deliberate and fruitful participation in the life of the Catholic Church, first and foremost the Eucharist”. “Especially those Christians who feel the wish to experience the joy of prayer, and the liturgy as a source of spirituality, as a school of faith”, added the bishop of the diocese of Bragança-Miranda. As part of the Holy Year of Mercy, the initiative may rely on the involvement of several specialists: first and foremost, the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima, father Carlos Cabecinhas, who will give a speech on “Mercy in the celebration of the Eucharist”, to show how “all Sacraments may be seen as embodiments of God’s Mercy”. Then, the Jesuit father Manuel Morujão will address “The celebration of Penance, a hug of mercy”, to show that “the Sacrament of Confession must not be felt as a duty but rather as a personal meeting with God’s Mercy”.

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