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Portugal: 860 Catholics, mostly young, in missionary volunteering projects in 2016

The Faith and Cooperation Foundation announced that 860 Catholics will be taking part in missionary volunteering projects in 2016. The figures disclosed by the association find that “340 young and adult people will take part in projects in developing countries, and another 519 will be involved in missionary initiatives in Portugal”. Those committed to volunteering abroad will go to many different countries, where they will join short- or long-term programmes: “Cape Verde will take in 119 volunteers; Mozambique 66; São Tomé and Príncipe 64; Angola 40; Guinea-Bissau 25; East Timor 13; Brazil 12; outside the Portuguese-speaking areas, two volunteers will be sent to the Central African Republic”. Short-term projects (15 days to 6 months long) will involve 305 people; the other 36 will be engaged in projects that will make them stay longer (seven months to two years). The Federation points out that “the large majority of those who have left or will leave in 2016 “are aged 18 to 35; 85% of them are just out of university, or working people using their holidays; and just 9 are unemployed”; in addition: “as many as 14 volunteers will leave their job and another 9 asked for unpaid leave to join these projects”. The main areas these projects are aimed at are: farming, socio-cultural initiatives, building of infrastructure, education, pastoral care, healthcare.

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