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Migration: joint message by Christian Churches in Poland. “Educate hearts to help the suffering”

“Today, the peoples of Europe in the same way as the Churches of our Continent must face the great challenge of the migration crisis”, says the “Message of Christian Churches in Poland about the solution of the migrant problem”, signed on Thursday 30 June in Warsaw by the representatives of the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church and another six (Old Catholic and Protestant) Churches. “The very concept of collaboration among EU countries has been put to the test”, say the bishops, worried about “polarisation of positions about the effectiveness of the methods adopted to manage the migration crisis”. “The task of the Churches is to educate hearts to help the suffering, people fleeing war, persecution and death with concrete works of mercy”, they say; in Poland, “defence” of hospitality tradition and “relevant education are the expression of Christian sensibility and national tradition”. Representatives of religious communities believe that “the main reasons for the current migration crisis are wars in the Middle East and Africa”, and they point out “the need to pray for peace, to continue mediation efforts, and to invoke the conscience of rulers constantly”.

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