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Portugal: Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation (Jesuits), “Right to Education, Right to Hope”

The Gonçalo da Silveira Foundation, a member of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network (GIAN) for the right to quality education, has launched a global campaign entitled “Right to Education, Right to Hope” to “raise awareness of the importance of education as a human right”. In a statement presenting the campaign, the non-governmental organization for development of the Society of Jesus explains “the initiative aims to inform on inequity and inequality in access to education worldwide”. The campaign is aimed at “children and youth from 4 to 18 years of age, teachers and educators from Jesuit educational and social centres, all those engaged in the social work of the Jesuits” and, more generally, at “all those interested in reflecting on and improving the right to education”. To this end, the members of the Foundation offer a series of pedagogical resources, including a guide for educators, a guide to the activities of children and youth, and other resources which can be accessed and downloaded free of charge in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. The initiators of the campaign insist on the need to “make lifelong quality education accessible to all, without discrimination, and to raise awareness regarding our responsibility in the defence and promotion of the right to education”.

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