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Austria: Linz, 25 thousand Lego bricks for a miniature St Florian basilica

18 kilos’ weight and 85 centimetres high: these are the measurements of the miniature Linz’s St Florian basilica made in Lego blocks. It was built by Alois Wirth, born in Enns, a city in the surroundings of the capital of Upper Austria. 25 thousand bricks and pieces have been put in place since Summer 2015 by Wirth and his assistants, including his children: the model will be on display for the first time in Linz today to coincide with the “Long Night of the Churches”, just at St Florian’s basilica. The idea for building the model was the 300th anniversary of the consecration of the basilica, last year, and, “since Wirth had made a model of the central square of the city of Enns in Lego bricks, we thought of having this monument built”, said don Harald Ehrl, ecclesial spokesperson for Upper Austria. Wirth’s project is on a 1:1000 scale. The interior of the basilica is revealed when you remove the opening roof: everything is perfect, the benches, Bruckner’s organ and the Baroque altar: all permanent fixtures. Provost John Holzinger became a fan as he witnessed the building of the little San Florian: “I can’t believe everything has been built so that it looks identical to the real thing, the interior has been perfectly designed”. The visitors of the “Long Night of the Churches” can use two guides from 8 pm to 10 pm for a tour of the real St Florian and the miniature one.

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