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Drugs: (EU Monitoring Centre), “rebirth of ecstasy brings the need to rethink prevention”

“There are signs that suggest” that ecstasy is no longer a drug “for niche consumption or used in discoes but it is used by a wider group of young people in more traditional nightlife scenes, such as bars and parties”: It is one further alarm that comes from the European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addictions (Emcdda) with today’s report on the situation in the continent. According to Emcdda, laboratories for the large-scale production of ecstasy have been recently found out in Belgium and in the Netherlands as well. The director of the EU Monitoring Centre, Alexis Goosdeel, states: “The rebirth of ecstasy brings the need to rethink prevention and the response to reduce the existing damage, in order to single out and support a new population of consumers who could use very potent products without fully understanding the risks. Intoxication and even deaths from the use of such drug are shown in our new report. This is particularly alarming since Mdma is moving in more traditional social scenes, and it is increasingly available on online markets”. The report deals with many areas: from the rise in overdose-related deaths (heroin and other opioids) to the problems of stimulant consumption, first and foremost cocaine. Cannabis is becoming increasingly widespread too.

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