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Europe: EU Parliament delegation in Marcinelle, 60 years after the “Bois du Cazier” disaster

Un'immagine del disastro del 1956 alla miniera carbonifera di Marcinelle

An image of the 1956 disaster at the coal mine of Marcinelle, Brussels: “The Marcinelle tragedy of 8 August 1956. 136 Italian miners lost their lives (262 victims on the whole). That should be a warning for the whole Europe on the duty of respecting immigration and rights”. First Vice President of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani visited the “Bois du Cazier” with an Italian delegation of the European Parliament and Ambassador of Italy in Belgium Vincenzo Grassi. It is the site of the old coal mine near Charleroi (Central Belgium), UNESCO heritage today. “We pay homage to the Italians, some of the many Italians going to Belgium after World War II, looking for work, wellness for their families, and a new life. Unfortunately they found death. This fact is terribly present-day 60 years later: “European integration difficulties, migration tragedy, and the need for the EU to keep the standards of rights high in a world that is more and more threatened by global competition”.

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