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France and Luxembourg: Cathedrals open overnight in 34 cities. Artistic and cultural programmes

The “Night of Cathedrals”, an event that ideally connects architectural and spiritual masterpieces in France and Luxembourg, has reached its ninth edition. On Saturday, 21 May, 34 Cathedrals will remain open to the public for one night (or evening), offering “a cultural and spiritual programme aimed at all people, especially those who do not usually visit a cathedral”, the organisers explain. The event, which was first organised in 2008 in three cities – Liege, Luxembourg and Trier -, is now held in the most famous cathedrals of France and Luxembourg. Individual venues are responsible for organising the content and timing of their night: guided tours, concerts, lectures, sacred music, prayer vigils, and exhibitions showing the treasures hidden behind the walls of century-old cathedrals may be part of the programme. The website provides the list of the participating cathedrals, their programme for the night, and their historical and architectural description. The event, which is traditionally celebrated on the second Saturday of May, has been postponed this year to avoid overlapping with the feast of Pentecost.

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