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Ireland: Dublin, a music suite in the pro-cathedral in memory of the “Easter rising” of 1916

For the first time, on Thursday 12th May, the historical pro-cathedral of Dublin will be hosting the new suite that Charlie Lennon, one of the most famous composers of Irish music, composed for the 100th anniversary of the notorious “Easter rising” that took place in Ireland in April 2016, in the attempt to gain independence from the United Kingdom. As reported by the archdiocese, the composer will be there when his suite Áille na hÁille (A terrible beauty) is played, and will be playing piano and violin along with a train of famous musicians of traditional Celtic music. During the celebratory evening, documents from the diocesan archives and stories of some of the about twenty Dublin priests who helped the injured and dying people in the hospitals, in the streets, in the prisons of the city, in the six days of the armed rising of 1916, will be read out. The armed rising against the British troops lasted from 24th to 30th April, but the last two leaders of the rising, James Connolly and Séan Mac Diarmada, were executed in Kilmainham jail on 12th May.  About 40 rebels took shelter in the pro-cathedral too, while riots were breaking out in the city centre. One of the priests who were doing all they could to help the injured people was Don Edward Byrne, who was archbishop of Dublin from 1921 to 1940.

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