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Poland: Joint statement on migration from the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee

“In response to the religious imperatives of Christians and Jews”, the 23rd meeting of the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee (ICJL) held in Warsaw from 4th to 7th April “considered the current pressing refugee crisis in most of Europe and found tensions between the commitments that come from love for others, dignity as creatures in the image of God, and concern for security as well as fear of change”. This is written in the joint statement adopted at the end of the official forum of the permanent dialogue of the Commission of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews and the International Jewish Committee for Interreligious consultation (ICIRC). The document explains that “the Scriptures of both religions provide the picture that is needed to solve urgent social issues, such as the current refugee crisis”. The leaders of both communities “renewed their unfailing commitment to supporting open and constructive dialogue as a form of intercultural and interreligious understanding”, goes on the statement, which emphasises he importance of such dialogue, “especially with the religious leaders of the Muslim community” as well as the pressing need “for cooperation in solving the problems of both communities”, pointing out that anti-Semitism “both real and in many forms” is “a threat not only for Jews but for democratic ideals too”.

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