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Netherlands: Wilders (Pvv), “Dutch say no to European elite”. Juncker, “risk of EU crisis”

(Brussels) In the light of the outcome of the Dutch poll on the EU-Ukraine agreement, the leader of Dutch anti-Europeans, Geert Wilders (head of the Pvv, Party for Freedom), states: “The Dutch say no to the European elite more than to the treaty with Ukraine. It is – on his opinion – the beginning of the end of the Union”. The figures are being commented upon in Brussels, at the EU Parliament, EU Commission and EU Council, while the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, asks the EU for explanations about the continuation of the agreements that have been entered into and countersigned. Comments are thriving in London too: the British Prime Minister, Cameron, sees the populist, euro-sceptic wave move on in Europe, giving strength back to those who, in his country, hope they can leave the EU. The Brexit option could also have a domino effect and lead more countries to ask to renegotiate their membership of the “common home”. It is not by chance that the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, commented that the Dutch poll “could pave the way to a European crisis”.

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