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Portugal: national lay meeting on environmental, economic and social ecology

Promoted by the National Conference of the Lay Apostolate, on 7th May the city of Évora will host the third national meeting, focussed on “Nothing is indifferent to us – between heaven and earth”. As one of the many planned debates, Miguel Oliveira Panão will chair “a workshop on environmental, economic and social ecology” with guest speakers such as agronomist engineer Pedro Aguiar Pinto, lecturer at the Higher Agronomy Institute, the deputy director of Lisbon’s Universidade Aberta, and Maria da Glória Garcia, rector of the Portuguese Catholic University. “The classic definition of sustainability stands on three key pillars: economy, society and environment; we will try to emphasise and harmonise the relations that link them together”, the chairman explained in a notice in which he presented his workshop: “Guest speakers will include specialists who will speak with authority about these topics, but behind such expertise we are also keen on giving pride of place to our personal stories and the relations that exist between us, as individuals, and what we study”. “Humans are children of the earth as natural beings but they are also children of heaven as they have been created by and are the children of the same father: our national meeting will precisely try to emphasise this close connection”, professor Panão concluded.

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