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Pope Francis: at Santa Marta, “remember the beautiful things that God has made of our lives”

May Christians always “remember” the ways and circumstances God has been present in their lives, because this strengthens the walk of faith. This is Pope Francs’ central thought in the sermon he gave during morning Mass at Santa Marta House. Faith, as written on the website of the Vatican Radio Station, which also contains a summary of the Pope’s sermon, is a walk that while it is covered must constantly commit to memory what has happened, the “beautiful things” that God has done along the way as well as the obstacles, the rejections, because God, the Pope assured “walks with us and is not scared by our nastiness”. The “Christian heart”, Francis explained, “benefits from remembering its own way: how the Lord took me this far, the way He held my hand. And the times I said to the Lord: ‘No! Go away! I won’t!’. The Lord respects. He is respectful! But remembering, having memories of one’s life and one’s walk. Going back to this, and doing it often. ‘At that time, God gave me this grace and I answered like this, this and that… He walked with me…’. And so we get to a new meeting, the meeting of gratitude”. And the heart, the Pope added, must give out a “thank you” to Jesus, who never stops walking “throughout our history”. “How many times – Francis admitted – we slammed the door on His face, how many times we pretended not to see Him, not to believe He was with us. How many times we disowned His salvation… But He was there”: “Memory brings us closer to God. I simply recommend you do this: remember! How has my life been, how has my day been today, or how has this last year been? Remembering. How have my relations with the Lord been. Remembering the beautiful, great things that the Lord has done in the life of all of us”.

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