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Brexit: Convery (Scottish Catholic Church’s spokesperson), “England and Scotland risk splitting forever”

The United Kingdom risks splitting at any rate at the forthcoming Brexit referendum of 23rd June, whatever the polls say. The spokesperson of the Scottish Catholic Church, Ronnie Convery, who knows very well the country north of Hadrian’s Wall, which only joined England in 1707, has no doubts. England’s euro-scepticism and Scotland’s deep love for Europe will collide, while the British decide on Europe. “According to surveys, all over Great Britain the yes to Europe makes up 52% of votes and the no to Europe accounts for 48%; but in Scotland such figure is as high as 70%”, Convery explains. “By voting massively against Brexit, Scotland might keep the United Kingdom joined to the European Union, even if the majority of the British voted out of it”, he adds. “What will happen, then? The English will be forced to stay in Europe despite hating the Scottish for this. After all, if Great Britain votes to get out of the European Union, Scotland will almost certainly ask for another referendum on independence and might decide to leave England. The Scottish do not want to leave Europe, and Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish nationalist party, which is currently in power, has already stated that an English-induced Brexit could be a good reason to ask for another referendum”. So, whether it is yes or no to Brexit on 23rd June, the United Kingdom risks splitting up, and Scotland could part forever.

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