Refugees: Scalabrini Fathers, May the EU countries cooperate “to implement the refugee and asylum seeker rehoming plan as soon as possible”

“May the EU member states change the approach they have had so far to the refugee crisis and really join forces to implement the refugee and asylum seeker rehoming plan as soon as possible”, while realising “that Europe is called to be increasingly multi-ethnic, multicultural and, therefore, richer”. This is the call made by the Scalabrini Missionary fathers after Austria’s starting to build a barrier at the Brenner “to stop any unexpected flow of migrants from Italy”. “We though that 1989 had marked the end of the walls in modern Europe, once and for all, when the Berlin population held hands again after too many years of division. Now it is Austria that, despite playing down the dramatic character of its initiative by calling it ‘border management’, decided to build a new wall, close to Italy, curbing Europe’s joint walk”, points out father Gianni Borin, superior of the Scalabrini Missionary fathers working in Europe and Africa. The Scalabrini Missionary fathers keep asking, on one side, to “pull down any wall, division or discrimination, as constantly repeated, and loudly, by Pope Francis”; on the other hand, they mention what has already been sanctioned by the first part of the Lampedusa Charter (2nd February 2014): “No division between human beings aimed at determining who, depending on the place they are born in and/or depending on their nationality, economic, legal or social background, as well as the requirements of the destination countries, are free to move as they wish or need, who can do that just based on an authorisation, and those who lastly, to cover the same distance, must accept to suffer discrimination, exploitation and abuse, including sex abuse, dehumanisation and commodification, the confinement of their own personal freedom, and risk losing their lives, can be accepted”.

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