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Europe: Mr Valls (France PM), “Supporting EU institutions”. “Ending national chauvinism”. Cooperating with Turkey on refugees

(Strasbourg) “I am here to show my support to the European Parliament and the EU institutions” at a critical time “in the history” of Europe. Manuel Valls, Prime Minister of France, is in Strasbourg to attend the Conference of Presidents “to exchange views – as reported by the EP President, Martin Schulz – about security and the fight against terrorism, the social and economic situation, migration, and institutional perspectives”. Manuel Valls says he believes in “a pragmatic Europe, which is beneficial to citizens. We are currently faced with several challenges, from terrorism to migration, to the situation in Greece, to the agricultural crisis”. Terrorism will also be the focus of a debate at the European Parliament today, in the presence of the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. At a press conference, Mr Valls adds: “States must do their part so that citizens may see Europe’s concrete and effective action. Europe is not the problem; it is the solution of our problems! But populism and national chauvinism must be avoided”. Mr Valls also indicates several priority areas, with “a Europe investing in young people, in education, in the digital economy, in jobs and security”. What do you think about the EU-Turkey Deal? “We should seek a solution to the refugee crisis together with Turkey. We should work to ensure the agreement is implemented. However, this is not enough: there is also a need to end the war in Syria and to support other countries that are hosting refugees”.

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