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Family life: Renard, appeal for support to the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe

(Brussels) “The family is the core cell of society. Therefore, stable families are fertile ground for a happy society. Families are the treasure of Europe. They raise, they take care of, they protect, they are the place where joys and pains are expressed”. Antoine Renard is the president of the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (Fafce), which since its foundation in 1997 has been working to promote policies in support of families all over Europe. But “to keep working in Brussels, we need help, we need your help”, Renard states. “The Federation is only supported by donations, they do not receive any public funding”. Hence an appeal to give concrete support to Fafce (for any information, The president explains: “Even if the European Union and the Council of Europe have limited responsibilities for family policies, their decisions may have a heavy impact on the everyday life of families, as much materially as culturally and spiritually”. Fafce’s work is based on the social lesson of the Catholic Church. “If, like us, you believe that families are essential to the future of mankind, I call you to express your support with a donation. Any kind of donation, whatever the amount, will help promote policies in support of family life in Europe”.

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