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COMECE Assembly: Mgr. Ambrosio, “European project is weaker, need for culture and values”

(Brussels) The migration crisis is one of the items on the agenda of the COMECE Plenary Assembly that is taking place in Brussels. “If we look at what is happening on Europe’s doorstep – Mgr. Gianni Ambrosio, COMECE Vice-President, said – it is clear that a welcoming attitude is needed to save the lives of those who are fleeing war and poverty, and also actions aimed at the integration” of refugees. “At the same time, we need a broad strategy to promote development and peace in the migrants’ countries of origin. It would be unfair for those countries to lose their young populations, entire families, cultivated persons, as this will further impoverish” countries like Africa and the Middle East. Hence we need development cooperation based on solidarity. Pope Francis has recently spoken of the “re-foundation of Europe”: what do you think about this? “The great spirit of the early years seems to have faded – Mgr. Ambrosio told SIR – even because the historical context has changed over the years with the progressive enlargement of Europe. There is an excessive centralisation in Europe today, and some countries seem to have more weight than others in decision-making” at the EU level. “Likewise, economic considerations seem to prevail over everything else, even at the expense of politics and culture, which makes it impossible for Europe to move forward. Europe needs to be re-launched starting with the values that unite us, as John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have stressed time and again.

People and Bodies
Gianni Ambrosio

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