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Poland: WYD Krakow, no extra security measures ahead of the youth gathering this summer

“There is no need to step up security in Poland” following the terrorist attacks in Brussels. This is according to the President of the Republic, Andrzej Duda, who spoke after the meeting of the members of the National Security Council, convened to discuss some important aspects linked to the preparations for the upcoming World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow in July. “Unlike in other Western European countries, there is no concentration of Islamic extremists in Poland”, said Wojciech Brochowicz, one of the founder of the Polish Army’s special forces, who was careful not to disclose information about the extra security measures that might be taken to protect the youths participating in the massive religious celebration of this summer. According to Mr Brochowicz, those responsible for public security in Poland are working in close collaboration with their counterparts in other countries, and “have deep knowledge of and great experience in the fight against terrorism”. In his view, Poland is not a target for the extremists, “although some risks linked to the participation of Warsaw in international counter-terrorism operations cannot be ruled out completely”. Pilgrims from Schengen countries will not need a visa to attend the gathering in Krakow, but those who come from outside the EU will need one. At present, the possibility to reintroduce border controls during WYD has not yet been confirmed.

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