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Spain: Erasmus students’ accident, messages of condolence from European youth organisations

The Erasmus Student Network (Esn), the international organisation of students involved in cultural exchanges, expresses “its deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the accident in Spain”. The Spanish branch of Esn reports that the bus was carrying students and volunteers of the organisation, which immediately went to the place of the accident to help with the rescue operations. Now that the operations on the place of the accident are over, Esn asks for “discretion and respect for the families and friends” and expresses its gratitude for those who volunteered to help “even in such a sad occasion”. A message of condolence can now be read on the website of the European Youth Forum, the European youth organisations’ platform. The Facebook profile is black edged today, and a short message is also on the website of the National Youth Agency in Italy: “All our love to the families of the people who died or have been injured in the accident in Catalonia, which involved ‪#‎Erasmus‬ ‪#‎Erasmusplus”. In these hours, the social platforms are being filled up with words of condolence from those who have been “young Erasmus students”, from mothers who have their children studying abroad, from students who last year were on the same road back from the same trip.

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