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Austria: the “Catholic and Evangelical Church media trade fair” going on in Vienna now

The “Catholic and Evangelical Church media trade fair” is taking place in Vienna for the 45th time: the communication directors of the German-speaking Churches gathered yesterday, until Friday 18th March, for their regular meeting about new developments and trends in communication. The meeting will be focussed on “new communication tools for the teaching of religion”, explain the organisers. The meeting started in the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Vienna yesterday with an ecumenical celebration officiated by the auxiliary bishop of Vienna, Helmut Krätzl, the evangelical Karl Schiefermair and the Orthodox metropolitan Arsenios Kardamakis. In addition to plenary meetings, the agenda includes the screening and analysis of over 35 new short films and multimedia projects. Ecclesial communication must be based on “ethical commitment”, pointed out Karl Schiefermair: especially in audio-visuals, “simply adapting to the new habits of young people is not enough; values too must be powerfully conveyed, and this is the main responsibility of the people who work in ecclesial communication”.

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