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Serbia: Religious Book Fair in Belgrade and “24 hours for the Lord”. Mgr. Hocevar, “a time of grace”

L'arcivescovo di Belgrado mons. Stanislav Hocevar

The traditional religious book fair will take place, once again, in the parish of Christ the King, in Belgrade (Serbia), from 17th March to Palm Sunday. In addition to religious books and items of worship, the fair also provides a wide spiritual and cultural programme. This year, the fair has been named “Perspectives”, in tribute to the new book by French historian Zoran Jovanovic, “Uncompleted architectural perspectives of the archdiocese of Belgrade”. “Before the advent of communism, there were several projects in the pipeline – explains Robert Zajac of the Catholic Media Centre – including a big cathedral in the centre of the capital, but unfortunately, because of the circumstances, it could not be built”. The fair also includes an initiative called “24 hours for the Lord”, which will start on Friday 18th March with a penitential rite, confessions and the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, which will end with the Te Deum on Saturday night. “It is a time of grace, in which we can cleanse and restore ourselves, our families, our community, our society”, points out the archbishop of Belgrade, mgr. Stanislav Hocevar. And he goes on: “As Jesus took upon Himself our ‘garbage’ and all that the world sees as waste”. A workshop will be held for young people to use palm leaves to make little things. An ecumenical event will be the concert of the Orthodox choir “Vracarski solisti”.

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