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Portugal: city of Guarda, culture and faith in the calendar of the Holy Week. “Religion, a factor of social cohesion”

Many lay and religious institutions of the provincial area of Guarda have joined forces to promote a plan of Holy Week celebrations that includes cultural and religious initiatives, such as processions, exhibitions, communal theatre, music and events for socialising, from today to 26th March. In the document that presents the project, the Municipality of Guarda points out that “such religious and cultural events are an important factor of social cohesion and the preservation of the local identity, especially in rural areas”. The calendar of the Holy Week was opened by the “Procissão dos Passos” in the Church of Mercy on Sunday 13th March, which will be followed by the exhibition “Cruxifixus Fidei – Signs of inner faith”, which will be unveiled in the gallery of the Culture Palace on 17th March and will stay open until 16th April. The same church will also host “Palm Sunday Procession” and the “Burial of the Lord” on the 25th March at 9.00 pm. Ceremonies included in the calendar that are worth mentioning are a play of the “Passion of Christ”, due to take place in the amphitheatre of Pousade on 26th March.

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