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Austria: A CD to experience six weeks of “Mercy with Scripture”

This Lent 2016, the Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Vienna is proposing a new tool for meditation to assist personal, family and community prayer – an audio CD entitled “Mercy – Six weeks with Scripture”. The CD is a collection of Biblical texts, prayers, and spiritual readings with music, which were carefully chosen to help the faithful prepare for Easter. Over six weeks, daily Scripture readings will be presented by theologians Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel and Roland Schwarz, by Sr. Helene Berger Ssps, by Friederike Ferstl, pedagogue at Caritas Styria, by Beate Mayerhofer-Schöpf, editor at the Pastoral Office, and by Deacon Franz Ferstl. Their reflections will alternate with music by composer Peter List. The idea behind the CD is to offer a support to disadvantaged people, such as sick or elderly people or families with children who may not be able to participate in celebrations or community prayers during the Lenten season. Six topics will guide the reflection, one for each week: Because I am precious in your eyes; Jesus came to save and heal; God offers everyone a new beginning; For I have experienced God’s mercy; I desire mercy, not sacrifice; Do this and you will live. The double CD with the lyric booklet is on sale at the price of €8.50.

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