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Online Europe: Eurostat, a quarter of Internet user has security problems

(Brussels) In the EU countries, one Internet user out of four has “found online security problems of some kind”: this has been stated by Eurostat, which conducted a statistic survey about the European Union’s Internet use. Such problems include bugs, illegal use of personal information, financial frauds, children’s access to inappropriate websites. In addition, such problems are the reason why e-commerce is not growing so fast. Such statistics have been announced just before the Safer Internet Day, which traditionally falls on February 9th. But while the EU’s average rate of security problems is set at about 25% of users, Croatia as at 42%, Hungary at 39%, Portugal at 36%. Of the largest countries, France is at 33%, Spain at 30%, Italy at 28%, the UK at 24%, Germany at 18%. Less security problems have been found instead by people in the Czech Republic (10%), Netherlands (11%), Slovakia (13%). Citizens who state they have had there computers infected with a bug or other “computer virus” in 2015 is about 21%, while in 2010 such rate was higher, at 31%.

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