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European Parliament: commemorating Aldo Moro. Sassoli, “He believed in the EU project and in dialogue between different cultures”

(Brussels) “Aldo Moro was a European leader who never stopped believing in dialogue between different cultures”. The deputy president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, speaks about the figure of the Italian statesman who is commemorated in Brussels today, on the 100th anniversary of his birth, with the dedication of a hall in the “Altiero Spinelli” building and a conference about Moro’s contribution to the EU integration process. Sassoli states: “As the Italian Prime Minister and as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, he handled some epoch-marking events for the strengthening of the EU project, just when some centrifugal forces were questioning its very existence. Moro was thinking of a strong, democratic and representative European Parliament; in this spirit, he set in motion the reform that led to the first election” of the EU Assembly “by universal suffrage in June 1979”. The deputy president concludes: “Now more than ever, remembering Aldo Moro means putting the values of pluralism, dialogue and solidarity back at the centre of the EU project”.

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