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Pope Francis: at Santa Marta, beware of “the religion of saying”

Christianity is a concrete religion, one that must act for good, not a “religion of saying”, made of hypocrisy and vanity. Pope Francis made these remarks in his homily during the Mass at Santa Marta today, reported by Vatican Radio. Commenting on the daily readings, he said that Christian life is real, “God is real”, but there are many “fake” Christians who see their belonging to the Church as a reason to boast, devoid of any obligation, as an occasion for self-promotion rather than an opportunity for service, especially to the most poor. Building on the reading from the book of the prophet Isaiah and on the Gospel, the Pope stressed, once again, the “evangelical dialectic between saying and doing”. “The Lord teaches us the way of doing. And how many times we find people – ourselves included – so often in the Church, who say: ‘Oh, I am very Catholic!’. ‘But what do you do?’. How many parents say they are Catholics, but never have time to talk to their children, to play with their children, to listen to their children. Perhaps they have their parents in a nursing home, but they are always busy and cannot go and visit them, so they leave them there, abandoned. ‘But I am very Catholic! I belong to that association’. This is the religion of saying: I say it is so, but I act in a worldly way”.

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