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Macedonia: “The Church at the service of man”, the thought of Stoyanov, bishop of Skopje, about faith, society and family life

Mons. Kiro Stoyanov con l'arcivescovo ortdosso di Ocrida, Stefan

“The Church at the service of man”: this is the title of the book written by the Catholic bishop of Skopje, mgr. Kiro Stoyanov, presented both in the capital of Macedonia and in Strumica, where the Exarchate for Catholics of the Byzantine rite is based. The presentation, in the museum/home of the Blessed Mother Teresa, in Skopje, was attended by the Orthodox archbishop of Ohrid, Stefan (leader of the Orthodox Church in Macedonia), the dean of the Faculty of Theology, Azo Ghirevski, and civil authorities. Written to coincide with the Year of Family and the Year of Consecrated Life, the book consists of three parts. Part one emphasises the beauty of the family and its role in society and also contains practical tips to keep faith and communion in marriage. Part two is addressed, instead, to priests, while part three contains guidelines for catechists. In his speech, mgr. Stoyanov pointed out that “the book is a summary of the pastoral work carried out in Macedonia over the last two years, with a focus on family life, with the help of priests, nuns and all the Catholic devotees of the country”. At the end, the prelate called the participants, which included leaders of different religious confessions, to “be a big spiritual family for the good of society”.

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