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Ecumenism: the Orthodox Patriarch, Kirill, in Paraguay and Chile meets the Catholic bishops

In the wake of the epoch-marking meeting between Pope Francis and the Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow’s journey in Latin America goes on in the sign of friendship between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church. On Wednesday, Kirill arrived in Chile, in the windy southern city of Punta Arenas, near the Strait of Magellan, and was welcomed at the airport by Bishops Bernardo Bastres. They exchanged brief but very friendly greetings. Kirill was coming from Paraguay; here, the Archbishop of Asunción, mgr. Edmundo Valenzuela, president of the Paraguayan Bishops Conference, and the apostolic nuncio, mgr. Eliseo A. Ariotti, attended the celebration officiated by Kirill in the Orthodox Church of the capital. At the end of the celebration, the Patriarch thanked “the Paraguayans for their solidarity with the Russian refugees” in the past century and urged them “to strengthen relations between Catholic and Orthodox devotees”. He gave the bishops who were there a commemorative medal as a token of friendship with all of the Catholic community. “It was a great meeting, which enabled us to feel like brothers”, mgr. Valenzuela commented.

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