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Slovakia: bishops to serve “Lenten Soup”, charitable project of Catholic Women’s Movement

(Sir Europe – Bratislava) – “Are you looking for a meaningful inspiration for a Lenten day? Don’t have lunch in a restaurant. Come and join our “Lenten Soup” project!” With these words the Catholic Women’s Movement invites all the people of good will to participate at the charitable project supported by the Bishops’Conference of Slovakia. Anyone who wants to experience an exceptional kind of service by archbishop of Bratislava, Mgr. Stanislav Zvolensky, and auxiliary bishop Jozef Halko, can come to the refectory of the Bratislava community of Brothers of Mercy on 19 February, have a bowl of soup and donate the money to this charitable project. Last year, the collection reached over 2,000 euro used for the support of Alexis Counselling Center for unexpectedly pregnant girls and women in crisis. This year, the money will serve for establishment of the Center for the renewal of family in Bratislava, with an aim to provide professional help and accomodation to pregnant women and mothers with children in need. “Solidarity of people grows year by year, proving that they don’t hesitate to support concrete programs. The impact is immense: not only in a form of financial donation… we witness the spirit of strong solidarity that has got a power to move the whole society from the position of selfishness to the position of generousness. And this is crucial for the survival of all of us,” says Maria Demeterova, coordinator of the project.

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