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Czech Republic: call to appreciate “parental investment” in educating future generations

(Bratislava) – An appeal to competent state authorities to better appreciate the role of parents in the education and care of their children is the focus of attention of the Council for the Family of the Czech Bishops’ Conference these days. The current demographic development – a statement reads – shows that family care and education will play a major role in the strategy of establishing decent life conditions for the elderly generation in the future. “The state will not be able to create sufficient institutional background for seniors, and what is more – according to many surveys – this institutional care does not boost the quality of life of elderly people. Therefore it is clear that the family is crucial and irreplaceable in this regard”, explains the Council for the Family, emphasizing that for this reason it is necessary that “parental investment” in future generations is strongly supported by state mechanisms, to raise children in the spirit of solidarity. “It would be desirable to support this investment with appropriate measures in the areas of pensions, taxation and family benefits, as well as to officially acknowledge the importance of parenthood and its influence on the correct development of society”, recommends the Bishops’ Conference.

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