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Bulgaria: Sofia, conference on “Pan-Orthodox Council. Between geopolitics and ecclesial character”

Theologians, historians, political commentators, priests and journalists will be meeting at the University of Sofia today to discuss the importance and meaning of the forthcoming Pan-Orthodox Council, due to take place in Crete from 17th to 27th June. The conference, called “The Pan-Orthodox Council. Between geopolitics and ecclesial character”, is promoted by the magazine “Christianity and Culture” and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of “St Clemens of Ohrid” University, Sofia. “It is the most important event for the Orthodox world in the last century”, explains one of the organisers, Tony Nikolov, who thinks “it is interesting to see the position of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the spheres of influence between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Russian Patriarchate”. In addition to the issues submitted to the Council, the conference in Sofia will also address the chance for the Orthodox Church to start speaking in one voice in today’s secularised world. “Regrettably – Nikolov states –, some of the issues that are most important for the Orthodox world have been struck off the agenda, because there were quite a few differences”. They are above all the matter of the unification of the calendar, autocephaly, and the Order of the Diptychs that establishes the place of the Orthodox Churches and the primacy among them. The final panel will be about “Orthodoxy and Geopolitics”.

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