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Migration: European bishops from Heiligenkreuz, “go on hand in hand”. The theme of next COMECE plenary

(Brussels) European bishops debated for two days in Austria, in Heiligenkreuz, on the matter of refugees in Europe, an issue which has been faced by the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) for long. “The suffering of these women, men and children forces us to debate in an open and constructive way”, said Bishop Msgr. Ägidius Zsifkovics; without hiding the different views of present prelates, he regarded the meeting in Austria as “clear sign of all Christians’ commitment on this subject”. The meeting was attended by bishops and experts coming from “countries of origin, transit and destination for refugees: Syria, Iraq, Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Austria and Scandinavian countries”, it is said in COMECE’s notice made known at the end of the meeting whose objective was “going on hand in hand”. Last December, on that subject, COMECE sent European institutions and national governments a “Document of reflection” drawn up by Austrian bishop Zsifkovics, the coordinator in this field. During next COMECE bishops’ plenary in Brussels (2-4 March), the results of the session in Heiligenkreuz will be illustrated, and “concrete conclusions” will be made, said Secretary General Father Patrik Daly. “Europe’s vocation to promote peace in the world” will be the general theme for the date at the beginning of March.

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