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Human Rights Day: Mogherini (EU), “doubling efforts” to protect people and populations

(Brussels) “Since inequalities and breaches of human rights are posing more and more challenges all over the world, and conflict goes on in countries such as Syria, it is even more important to double our efforts to defend the rights of all peoples. This year, therefore, we take up the invitation made by the United Nations to fight for everyone’s rights”. This was said by the High Representative for Foreign Policy, Federica Mogherini, on behalf of the European Union, about the Human Rights Day that will be celebrated on December 10th. “We are all personally responsible for defending such rights. We can take inspiration from the defenders of human rights that bravely face increasing pressures and threats in many countries”. The European Union, Mogherini adds, “is determined to protect them and to promote a space for civil society. The EU officers of all ranks do this by meeting the defenders of human rights, by monitoring their trials, by visiting them in their prisons, and by bringing up their cases with the governments”. In 2016, the EU also provided financial support to over 250 defenders of human rights and to their families, who were at risk because of their daily work, through the Eidhr emergency fund. “Even if personal action is key, the EU as a whole will keep leading the way in promoting a global order based on the rules and focussed on respect for human rights”.

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