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Human Rights Day: Justice and Peace Europe, “the tools to fight fear and distress are human rights”

(Brussels) “We live in a world that is full of distress, in the political, economic, social and cultural areas. More and more people feel insecure”, and distress begets fear. Nevertheless, on the day before the International Human Rights Day, the European network of national Catholic Justice and Peace committees points out that the “tools to fight fear and distress are human rights”, which, however, “are not to be taken for granted and are not guaranteed forever; we must fight for them, every single day”. In this time in history, defending them means above all supporting “the universal abolition of death penalty” and protecting “the right to freedom and security; to freedom of expression and religion; the right to migrate and seek asylum, or to be protected if evicted, expelled or extradited; respect for cultural and religious diversity; and integral sustainable development”. On this Day, Justice and Peace also wants to confirm it will keep working to “fight discrimination, especially multiple discrimination, modern forms of slavery, all forms of racism and verbal hatred, especially on the social media”, and warns: “Accepting that some public players may infringe the rules might pave the way to intolerance or even to hate crime”. Human rights are “indivisible”, the association points out, and must give dignity “to people and communities”: “the current climate of fear demands that we continue our efforts”.

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