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Portugal: Catholic doctors against euthanasia. “No to the culture of death”

The Portuguese Catholic Doctors’ Association (Amcp) defined the debate on the legalisation of euthanasia that is taking place in the country as “evidence of human life losing its meaning”. “Society cannot and must not let the forbidden become legal, in the name of a delusional independence and a distorted notion of freedom (that leads to selfish individualism and indifference towards other people), thus creating a genuine culture of death”, a notice sent to the press states. The position officially taken by the Portuguese doctors is a response to the first case of child euthanasia occurred in Belgium, and more directly meets the “appeal for the right to die with dignity” submitted to Parliament by the “Bloco de Esquerda” party, supported by eight thousand signing citizens. The association also mentions the opinion expressed last October by the Board of Physicians, which “rejected euthanasia as a practice that is detrimental to the dignity of human life and even to the dignity of the medical profession in its distinctive mission, which is to be concerned with people’s health”. Lastly, AMCP’s document highlights the legal implications of the legalisation of assisted suicide: “Any law that […] were an attack of any sort against life would lead the State to deny its role as the defender and protector of people”.

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