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EU: EU Commission’s report on education in Europe. Investing in recovery, “but social inclusion is a problem”

(Brussels) – “The role of the European educational systems is key as much too our fight against important problems, such as continuing youth unemployment and slow economic growth, as to facing new challenges, such as the refugee crisis; but education will be able to play a role only if it can deliver positive results”. This was stated by Tibor Navraciscs, EU Commissioner for education, culture and youth, as he presented the yearly monitoring report on education and training in Europe. The report shows that some progress has been made “towards some of the EU’s key goals” as well as the need that “the member states make their educational systems more relevant and inclusive, especially for the social inclusion of the latest flows of refugees and migrants”. Navraciscs adds: “Now more than ever, we must make sure education enables young people to become active, independent citizens who can find rewarding jobs. It is not just a matter of innovation and sustainable growth. It is a matter of equality”. According to the EU Commission, Europe relies on comparatively efficient educational systems, even if the states differ from each other. The report describes how the EU countries “are having to face a double challenge: providing adequate financial investments and offering quality education to young people from any background, including refugees and migrants”.

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