Festival of social science: mgr. Viganò, “online and offline lives need to be deeply integrated”

“We do not only use the web, we live on the web, and therefore we also communicate and build our vital strategies in the digital world”. Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, Prefect of the Secretariat for Communication of the Holy See, speaking at the VI Festival of Social Science in Verona last night, mentioned the “culture of access” – as defined by Rifkin about the digital world – “as if our life depended on being able to log in and use the services we can find there”. Viganò pointed out that the digital revolution leads to “disintermediation”, in other words that “information, markets, politics are practicable without negotiations as they had never been before, with the prospect to extend such digital opportunities even further without any control in between. Actually, the web has removed all the barriers from the chance to have instant access not just to goods and services but also to information, personal, economic, political and social choices”. In other words, “online and offline lives need to be deeply integrated, not least because they give authenticity to each other, and, as a matter of fact, nowadays there is no clear separation between being online or being offline. No matter what, one is always part of this new digital world, which wraps us all with its web, whether we go there deliberately or not”. What we need, he concluded, is “a bit extra ethical responsibility, with a careful management of this new reality”.

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