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EU Parliament: security, allocating 2 per cent of GDP to create the European defence union

(Strasbourg) Allocating 2% of the GDP to the European defence union, create multinational forces and EU headquarters, to “plan command and control of common operations” and act where NATO is not willing to. These are the contents of a resolution passed by the European Parliament, gathered in Strasbourg for a plenary session. The document states that terrorism and “hybrid” threats, cyber and energy insecurity are forcing the EU countries to work harder in the areas of security and defence, thus paving the way to a European defence union. Estonian MEP and rapporteur Urmas Paet stated: “Our Union is unable to face the overwhelming challenges of defence. For almost thirty years, most of its member states have cut their defence budgets, thus reducing the armed forces. Cooperation between the member states is occasional, and Europe keeps relying heavily on NATO’s resources and on the solidarity of the United States”. But now, partly in the light of the election of Donald Trump, “the time has come to move towards an effective European defence policy”. The approved document lists a number of areas in which cooperation between the 28 member states should be strengthened (including logistics and research) just to defend the European Union better.

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