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Denmark: Kirkens Korshær in Danish, Advent fund-raising event for the poor of the country. Christiansen, “a serious situation”

For the very first time in the history of the Danish Lutheran church charity DanChurchSocial (Kirkens Korshær in Danish), proceeds from the fund-raising event that will take place on Sunday 27th November will be allocated to meet Danish poor people’s needs. The association has been up and running since 1912, and for many years it has been assisting the poorer people and the outcasts in Denmark, but proceeds from the traditional early Advent fund-raising event were usually allocated to emergency situations outside the country. “Now, people come to us for help to pay the rent and buy food. There are more and more people who have problems making ends meet. This is not normal in a society like the Danish one”, Helle Christiansen, the charity’s manager, explains. Such fund-raising event also wants to be a message of protest: “The increasing gap among the population is wrong”. And knocking on people’s doors to ask for money with the motto “Denmark is against poverty” will be a way to raise awareness: “Many Danish people do not know how serious the situation is, and how difficult it is for people living in uncertain conditions”. According to Helle Christiansen, “we should not be doing this and it should not have to be done at all; that’s why we do it as a message of protest, but we are happy we can do it now that it is needed”. Anyone can help knock on doors with one of the 9 thousand collection tins.

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